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Digital Converter STB details decided

Ben Drawbaugh

Your government has finally announced their plans to spend the money congress you gave them to help ease the digital transition burden on those with older TVs. While we knew these boxes weren't going to be free, we now know that everyone who is willing to call, go online, fax or mail in to "self-certify that they rely solely on over-the-air broadcasts", will be eligiable for two $40 vouchers that can go towards the purchase of a DTV converter box -- at least until the $850 Million runs out. The OTA STBs are expected to cost ~$70, which seems high considering they can be found for $89 today. If you are one of the estimated 20 million households that really do relay solely on OTA, you may want to sign up on January 1st 2008, before all the unscrupulous eBayers get them all. If they do run out, NTIA plans on asking congress for another $450 mil to fill the gap.


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