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God of War PSP & PS3 details: rumble on PS3, confirms director


During the official God of War II launch party in San Francisco last night, game director Cory Barlog spoke briefly about the franchise's future on PSP -- and spoke vaguely about the eventual sequel on PlayStation 3. Here's the bullet-point roundup of details scooped by 1UP:

God of War on PSP (untitled):

  • ReadyAtDawn developing (as speculated)
  • Not a port; Barlog: "It is its own story that connects to the overall story" -- but where that story fits into the overall story arch was not discussed; Barlog does say, "I want the PSP version to not feel like the PSP version ... it's just as big. It's just as epic. It's God of War." Grrrrrr!
  • Original level design (but the game might revisit familiar areas); Barlog: "We're not reusing any levels. We're not doing any of that stuff. It's all original content."
  • Replacement for PS2's right-analogue dodge/roll control is still being worked out; devs are considering a toggle function
  • No confirmation of PS2 or PS3 connectivity; ReadyAtDawn did create a connectivity feature for Daxter (with Jak X: Combat Racing); Barlog on possible PS Home tie-in: "Home was in development [during GoW2], but nobody really on our development team was knowledgeable about it, so there wasn't much we could do about it."
  • No explicit hints of PSP game in God of War II bonus disc content; Barlog: "No, I'm smart. We took out any references to stuff we don't want out yet ... But there are some things in there that may relate to a future game if we do it..."

God of War on PS3 ("God of War 3" unconfirmed):

  • Franchise will be in 1080p with SixAxis (motion) and vibration functions
  • Barlog on PSN support: "We do want to have support for the network platform -- I think it's huge. And I'm looking at a lot of stuff right now that if I do end up doing anything with 3, I want to utilize that."
  • Barlog on co-op: "Does co-op have a place in God of War? If we can do something unique with it, yeah, but it is really an early exploration of that in my head really. It's not even a discussion with the team."
  • Barlog on episodic content: "I think the game's way too big. There are too many art assets."
  • Barlog on embracing 'Game 3.0': "User created levels for God of War -- I don't think it's a realistic proposition."
Check out 1UP's liveblog post for complete details of the launch event and exclusive interview with Barlog.

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