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Leeroy: The man behind the chicken

Mike Schramm

Reader DrDiesel of Blade's Edge (thanks!) pointed us to this Denver Westword article about none other than the star of UBRS and Jeopardy, Leeroy Jenkins. Sure, the reporter is a few years late on the phenomenon of Leeroy and this wacky "emerging form" of Machinima, and yes, the article suffers from the same naive cluelessness it seems all mainstream reporters suffer from when they're writing about WoW ("I typed a message into the 'chat window,' a window for chat, and was astounded when a real person typed 'STFU noob' back!"), but on the plus side, there's some interesting stuff in there about Ben Schulz and what it's like to be Leeroy ingame.

Schulz (that's him in a professional looking photo on the right) is the son of a theatrical director and a set designer who works at an industrial lighting company, and who's gotten famous for playing a videogame character for 30 seconds for free (the article doesn't mention if Blizzard ever paid him for putting his likeness in the card game, or if any of those t-shirt companies ever offered him anything for his name). He takes a pass at setting allegations to rest on whether the video was staged or not (who cares, at this point), and he generally seems-- surprise-- like a guy who just likes to play WoW. Who'd have known.

There is a rumor in there, however, that the World of Warcraft movie people were thinking about putting him in the flick as a cameo, and have since blown him off. Blizzard, Legendary Pictures, whoever's listening, I think I speak for the WoW community when I say: this must be done. You've got to get him in that movie. We want Leeroy!

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