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New York may confiscate unrated games


New York has a few game laws attempting to pass which are retail-oriented at the moment. However, the latest bill by Rep. Brian Kolb goes a little above and beyond the others. Bill A02787 seeks to provide the courts with the power to confiscate any games that do not have a rating label. When does any game going through standard retail channels not have an ESRB rating?

The bill also encompasses any game that "glamorizes the commission of a violent crime, suicide, sodomy, rape, incest, bestiality, or sado-masochism ... [and] directs sellers of such video games to restrict access to such recordings by storage in a sealed and locked container behind a service counter or in an area inaccessible by the general public." It's another games as porn law. Not to mention we can't think of the last game "glamorizing" suicide, sodomy, rape, incest and/or bestiality.

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