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PSP redesign denied, confirmed, re-denied


Sony has said "No" to a PSP redesign on several occasions. Now a conflicting report from SCE UK managing director Ray Maguire says a "smaller, lighter" PSP will be introduced in the future. However, a day later the head of SCE UK PR fed us this line: "There are no immediate changes planned for PSP." Did someone miss the memo?

Actually, both of them are probably telling the truth in a sneaky corporate kind of way. Most gaming systems get plastic surgery a few years after their launch. The DS was transformed from a clunky brick to sexy machine we're proud to carry around. It took four years for Sony to release a slim version of the PS2, which means the PSP could be overweight for another two years. A redesign is on the horizon, but that horizon could be a lot further out that we think.

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