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PSP2 probably is or isn't coming -- maybe

Ryan Block, @ryan

Almost since its inception the PSP has been subject of relentless redesign rumors -- and why not? By most portable gaming device standards it's positively ginormous. Blame it on the UMD, that beautifully massive 4.3-inch screen, or its lack of internal memory, but a thinner, trimmed down PSP is just what the doctor ordered. And while Sony has repeatedly (and expectedly) denied the prospect of an overhaul, SCE UK managing director Ray Maguire recently stated that a "smaller, lighter" PSP was in the wings; of course, that was immediately rebuked by an SCE UK statement that "There are no immediate changes planned for PSP." Look, the PSP isn't going to be like this forever -- either they introduce a new model, or they redesign the current one, but pretending like neither is happening is just silly. We're on to your little game, Sony!

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