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DIY portable Skype phone utilizes cordless junker

Darren Murph

We've know the Skype tinkerers are out there, and while we caught wind of a DIY cordless Skype phone project about two years ago, we think it's about time for some fresh efforts to surface. Thankfully, we're apparently not alone in those sentiments, as the crafty gurus at Instructables have devised an (admittedly iffy) way to morph a nearly-useless cordless landline telephone into one of the "portable Skype" variety. Essentially, all you need is a traditional cordless phone that you don't mind destroying, a soldering iron (and subsequently, a steady hand), a few 3.5-millimeter cables, and a dash of luck. Although there seems to be a bit too much risk involved in this hack-job for us, we certainly wouldn't mind any of you engineering folks to give it a go and see what turns out, but be sure to read through the fine print -- we're pretty sure "electrical shock" and "going up an smoke" are both byproducts of bad karma mixed in with this concoction.

[Thanks, Joe]

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