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Koei announces Opoona for Wii, Nunchuk-only


A one-handed Dynasty Warriors spinoff, ideally played blindfolded (or while watching something else), was the announcement we'd been hoping for. Sadly, Koei revealed it's got a fresh concept in the works for Wii. Opoona, named after its main character, is a quirky action-rpg in which players must travel to various intergalactic colonies by obtaining special licenses associated with certain jobs (e.g., rescuer, idol, detective) in order to solve the mystery of Opoona's siblings' disappearance and determine who or what has landed his parents in the hospital with serious injuries. Koei claims that Opoona is controlled entirely with the Nunchuk controller.

Some relevant names have been attached to the project, including Artepiazza's Shintaro Majima as lead artist and Sachiko Yukimura as planning director; both industry vets have been involved with numerous Dragon Quest games. Most notably, Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto will handle music production.

Koei has not announced a release date for Opoona, but unconfirmed sources have targeted summer 2007 in Japan.

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