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Rumor mill: WoW on Xbox 360

Mike Schramm

Our friends over at Xbox 360 Fanboy (who routinely rock me at Gears of War) pointed to this Official Xbox Magazine list of their top 5 biggest secret games in development for the Xbox 360. And right there on the list, number one, is a World of Warcraft port.

This isn't the first time we've heard this, but if you ask me, it'll never happen. Ever. Blizzard has their hands full with WoW on PC, and while the Fanboys say Microsoft is offering Blizz cold hard cash, I don't see how they could offer anything even close to what Blizzard is making already from their eight million subscriber fees. Of course, Microsoft is going to be pushing Live for Windows later this year, and trying to get PC gamers and Xboxers to play together, so if they make an offer Blizzard can't refuse, I could be eating these words. But I'll stick to my guns on this one: WoW isn't showing up on a console anytime soon.

Completely beside the point is the question of whether it would work or not. Of course, I'm sure Xbox allows a mouse and keyboard (anyone played FFXI on there? I haven't), so maybe it's a moot point. But with all the clicks WoW requires (on quest items, ability use, and such), I can't think of an easy-to-use controller scheme that would work as well as what we've got now.

Update: As if the word "rumor" wasn't warning enough, commenter rinks reminds us that this news came from the April issue of Xbox Mag, and we all know how videogame magazines get around April 1st. Plus, they also mention Duke Nukem Forever on the list, and we all know that game is basically a "joke incoming" flag.

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