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Too Human still 2007, Dennis Dyack rants


Silicon Knights head, Denis Dyack, has been all over the intertubes lately. First he appeared on the Electronic Gaming Monthly podcast proclaiming that video game previews of unfinished products should be abolished altogether. No doubt Dyack is still stinging from Too Human's unfortunate performance at last year's E3. Then Dyack popped up on NeoGAF to say his piece about a supposed delay in Too Human's production schedule. Finally, 1UP reports that Dyack made comments on the IGN forums alluding to an eventual 2007 release for the game.

Frankly, with so many releases already arriving by the end of 2007 -- Halo 3, Lost Odyssey, and Grand Theft Auto IV just to name a few -- we wouldn't mind too much if Too Human slipped into 2008. Then again, we're not exactly going to complain if it doesn't. Is anyone out there still salivating for Too Human or has it been overshadowed by the rest of 2007's impending releases?

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