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And now, the good news

Jason Wishnov

Friend codes, shmf ... shmiend ... point is, whatever. A minor inconvenience, we say! Hah! Bearer of good fortunes, Matt C. has this to say in his holy scripture mailbag feature, revealing "[Online is] coming, guys - Pokemon Battle Revolution kicks it off in the near future, but in the next six months you're going to start seeing a wave of third party games that take Wii online, too. Developers have had the online SDK for months now and the next wave of titles will incorporate it."

Goodness me, we're excited. The longer the developers have had the development kits, the better chances of getting some decent multiplayer going on. Even if these titles suck, the more online experience Nintendo has before Brawl (and possibly Prime?), the better. Friend codes be damned, I'll enter a million digits if it means kicking the crap out of all of you with Icarus. Oh yeah. Wii Game Night is so going down.

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