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DS pinball with a twist


So maybe you love a good game of pinball. Really, who doesn't? The good, clean, flip-flappin' fun of pinball can be so exhilarating. But what if the power to create that experience was in the palm of your hand? Wouldn't that make you like a happy-funtime god?

Okay, okay, so we're a little melodramatic. The slow news day bring it out. Here's the deal: Powershot Pinball Constructor is a chance for any pinball lover to realize their most cruel and creative dreams. Players create every aspect of their custom tables and then share them via this series of tubes we call home. And hey, if you're not ready for the ultimate pinball creation challenge, you can just play. No pressure.

Oxygen Games says their Powershot Pinball Constructor is scheduled for this summer, though they're unspecific as to which region. Oxygen Games is based in the U.K., so we assume they mean Europe.

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