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GeekTool: Run UNIX Commands on the Desktop

Mat Lu

Today I ran across this excellent tutorial on lifehacker about using GeekTool, and I was amazed to discover we haven't mentioned it here at TUAW. GeekTool is a cool little preference pane which allows you to run terminal commands, show logs, or even display pictures (e.g. from the net) directly on your desktop. Common uses include running the command top which displays which processes are utilizing the most system resources, displaying the console log, or even putting a live weather map (from the net) on your desktop. As I mentioned before, Gina at lifehacker has an extensive discussion of how it can be used. So, TUAWers, what sort of commands do you like to run in GeekTool?

GeekTool is open source and a free download from Tynsoe; donations are requested.

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