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Making Screencasts

Mat Lu

Don McAllister over at ScreenCastsOnline points to this great tutorial for making screencasts on your Mac. Miraz Jordan has a bunch of suggestions for setting up and recording a screencast bringing together a number of tools like Backdrop, Mouseposé , iShowU, and Snapz Pro X, all of which we have mentioned at one time or another.

Rather coincidentally I also ran across (via Cocoablogs) this discussion by Peter Hosey of optimizing iShowU for screencasts, but the comments there suggest that Snapz Pro X is able to capture at a higher resolution than iShowU (with the trade off being the time it takes to save the movie when you're finished recording). Unfortunately, though it works with Intel Macs, Snapz Pro X is not universal (unlike the less expensive iShowU). So TUAWers, share your own experiences: what have you found that works particularly well for screencasting? And if you don't have any experience yet, but would like to get some, check out Miraz Jordan's tutorial to learn how to get started.

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