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Samsung thinking about a cheaper Q1 Ultra


Samsung's Q1 Ultra UMPC barely has any fingerprints on it yet, but the company's already talking about possibly adding another Q1 to the mix, letting out word of its potential plans during the brouhaha at CeBIT. According to InfoWorld, the new Q1 wouldn't be an upgrade to the Q1 Ultra, but rather a cheaper version designed to appeal to more users. Of course, the company's not saying much more than that, only that one possible way to reduce costs would be to use a different processor, including one from a supplier other than Intel. What's more, Samsung also reportedly mentioned that it's planning on equipping "some" Q1 Ultra units with its new hybrid disk drive, which boasts some NAND flash memory to back up the traditional hard disk, resulting in faster boot times and lower power consumption. Unfortunately, there's not many specifics on that either, with Samsung exec H.S. Kim only going so far as to say that they're planning on adding the drive "some day in the near future."

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