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1UP and IGN agree! Halo 3 in September

Why is everyone so interested in knowing precisely when Bungie's pre-blockbuster, Halo 3, will hit retail? Why, so we can fill up our Mr. Fusion, program our time machines, and "finish the fight" without the meddling interference of space and time. How embarrassed would you be if you landed in November '07 to discover all your future-peers have been blasting Covenant -- not to mention using the elusive X button -- for months?

Applying some nimble, Gregorian gymnastics to an interview with Microsoft's Shane Kim, 1UP has managed to deduce that September is the month that will be vying for skin real estate on Peter Moore's muscled bicep (note: September has one more letter than November ... should have picked October, Pete). So, one site assumes something based on creative calendaring, where's the news in that? Well, coupled with IGN's revelation that not one, but two independent sources have confirmed a September release, and our ears have perked up. Getting a jump start on the competition is certainly a strategy that's been working for Microsoft lately, but how often have you heard about a major title being released earlier than expected?

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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