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AT&T may be eyeing Canadian expansion in 2008

Brian White

Our friendly pals over at the new king of mergers and acquisitions, AT&T, want to grow a little fatter still, it seems. That sound you hear of global telecom domination may becoming from up north of the US -- Canada may be the next prime territory AT&T wants to look at as it's eyeing radio spectrum purchases in that country. Yes, AT&T may have to further lobby to get foreign investment rules mangled a bit more as it tries to crack harder into international markets, but that isn't stopping the company from looking at bidding on 105MHz of radio spectrum about to be doled out by the Canadian government sometime in early 2008. With AT&T set to expand foreign markets to the tune of $750 million in 2007, it probably wants a piece of the lucrative Canadian wireless market, which this year claimed more operating telephone numbers than Canadian landline numbers for the first time ever.

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