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BenQ Joybook R42: first laptop without RAM and a hard drive?

Evan Blass

So we're all for brevity when it comes to press releases, but you'd think that if BenQ actually wanted people to buy its new Joybook R42, it would at least advertise such nontrivial features as the machine's RAM, hard drive capacity, or -- and this is a biggie -- the darn thing's screen size and resolution. We can only assume that all of the company's writers have been locked up in this insider trading nastiness, because how else to explain a three paragraph release that wastes two-thirds of the space extolling the virtues of the "sophisticated" cooling system and "vibrant" display whose measurements shall not be spoken? Despite BenQ's stinginess with the deets, we can extrapolate from past models that the R42 features a 14.1-inch LCD, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, dual-layer DVD burner, probably 1GB of RAM, maybe 160GB of storage max, and -- the only thing we learned from the crummy PR -- some variety of Core 2 Duo processor with Via integrated graphics. As for price and release date? Ha, that's rich; right now BenQ execs are probably more worried about posting bail than getting this into your hands.

Update: No, we're not complete idiots: that specifications table really did show up after this post was published. The big news, however, is that our initial guesses were almost right on the money; the only extra info we've gleaned is that the screen resolution is 1,280 x 800 and your hard drive options max out at 120GB, not 160GB.

[Via PC Launches]

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