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Blu-ray backers plan to pass DVD in 3 years


After asserting themselves as victor over rival format HD DVD, there was only one suitable target for the Blu-ray Disc Association left: DVD. The European chairman of the BDA proclaimed at CEBIT that it will supplant DVD as the format of choice within three years. The group is still flying after continuing to outsell HD DVD weekly, despite trailing in Europe. With the PlayStation 3 launch next week and Sony promising to put 1 million units on shelves the group expects a boost similar to the one experienced after the console's launch in the U.S. and Japan. We're not sure if the format war is over, but if people believe it is and buy into Blu-ray then there will be little doubt left very soon. As far as surpassing DVD, we'll be happy to see cheaper players and consistent releases before putting the old format out to pasture.

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