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Samsung's F200 music phone stays slim and trim

Darren Murph

Your options for a slim music phone are nearly limitless, and if you dig the sliders of the world, you've probably eyed Samsung's X830 a time or two before. The handset has apparently went over fairly well, as now we're seeing a very similar successor hit the market with a trimmed down feature set. The F200 touts the same elongated design, a 1.46-inch 220 x 128 resolution external display, support for MP3, WMA, OGG, DCF, and SMP file formats, and a paltry 5MB of internal storage versus the 1GB found on the X830. Thankfully, Samsung included a microSD slot for toting more than a tenth of an album at any given time, and you'll also find a hold switch and headphone jack to compliment the musical abilities. Per usual, there's no word just yet when this sucka will hit the market nor how much it'll run you when it does, but judging by the lackluster feature set, it'll shouldn't hurt too bad. Click on through for a few extra views.

[Via Slashphone]

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