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Sonic-branded Wii Giveaway

Eric Caoili

Sega's branch in Germany is hosting a contest to celebrate Sonic and the Secret Rings' release, offering up prizes like figurines, signed memorabilia, and a Sonic-Team-branded Wii. The winner of the limited edition Wii will also receive a German copy of the game -- a cruel reminder of the hardware's region lock.

We're not sure how faithful the customized console will be to the mock-up pictured above, but the simple stamping of the blue hedgehog's head on both the system and the Wii remote is a lot more attractive than we expected. Entering the contest is as easy as sending an email to Sega's offices with the German title for Sonic and the Secret Rings. They will be accepting entries until March 23rd, so don't put your Google-searching off for too long!

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