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Teclast readies dashing C280 all-in-one PMP

Darren Murph

Although Chinese DAPs have a way of knocking off the big boys and not really adding anything in the innovation department, Teclast's C280 continues to shake the stereotype by offering up a bevy of swank features combined with a design that's easy on the eyes. The natural successor to the C260, this flavor maintains the overall style and design as its less-spec'd sibling, but adds a Rockchip 2608A and Wolfson WM8750S "dual core" element, as well as touting sound quality similar to that found on the more expensive T29. Moreover, you'll find a 2.4-inch QVGA display, MP3 / WMA / AVI file support, an FM tuner, line-in recording, various games, text viewer, 2GB of internal storage, and a microSD slot for any excess media. The pocket-friendly C280 also manages a respectable battery life (around 12 hours), USB 2.0 connectivity, and should only cost you about $65 when it lands later this month.

[Via DAPReview]

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