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Acer Aspire L320 mini PC touts Viiv certification

Darren Murph

Every time you think the Viiv hype is dying down, Acer brings it back up, as just a few months after kicking out the "world's first" Viiv-certified LCD TV, the firm is now unveiling its Aspire L320 mini PC with -- you guessed it -- a shiny Viiv sticker adorning its case. Hot on the heels of its xSeries displays, this machine sports a slim, silver / black case designed for living room placement, a variety of Intel Pentium processors, up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM, up to 400GB of internal hard drive capacity, an Acer-branded digital / analog hybrid TV tuner, DVD writer, flash card reader, and a bevy of included ho hum software that you'll likely replace immediately upon bootup. Additionally, it sports 7.1-channel audio, Intel's GMA 3000 graphics set, VGA / DVI outputs, an option to add Windows Vista, FireWire, audio in / out, and a pair of USB 2.0 ports to round things out. No word just yet on price or availability, but this ought to be a fairly inexpensive alternative for those eying a very basic (and fairly attractive) pre-fab HTPC.

[Via RegHardware]

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