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Emporia's "emporiaLife" for the silver set


Emporia focuses on handsets for the older generation and the "emporiaLife" is no exception, targeted squarely at folks 50 and up. Featuring giant-sized keys and the "granddaddy" (pun completely intended) of all screens, this is a potential goldmine market for those wanting to gift cellies to their grandparents or aging parents. On the bottom of this oversized handset is a giant round red heart button that dials an emergency number in case of disaster. Another handy feature is the speakerphone and a screaming-loud ringer, and by screaming-loud we mean scare-the-kids-out-of-the-playground loud. We are immediately struck with nostalgic thoughts of "I've fallen and I can't get up" commercials of days gone by. Pics are on the next pages; extra large, of course, for your aged eyes' appreciation.

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