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Tecnovision's Luxio "world's largest television" debunked


You know, just because you show up at CeBIT with a big ass sign that says "The World's Largest Television" doesn't make it so. Tecnovision's Luxio 205-inch "television" (as they call it) is just a collection of 750,000 LEDs for use primarily in outdoor signage. Sure, some media freak has apparently installed this €350,000 behemoth in his home and connected it to ordinary AV equipment by means of a "special controller," as it was described to us. But that still doesn't make it a television now does it? Certainly, it's not even close to the largest outdoor LED display we've come across. So no worries Panasonic and Sharp, your records are still safe in our eyes. Until the next trade show, anyway. Be sure to check the gallery for an up close look at the pixel density.

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