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The first NETGEAR EVA8000 Review

Ben Drawbaugh

While HD media streamers are nothing new, the new NETGEAR EVA8000 has a feature set just about anyone can get excited about. While we wait to get our hands on one, this review will have to do. The biggest disappointment in the review is the lack of testing of HD video. The reviewer did mention that he expected his photos to look better in HD than they did, but this is hardly a conclusive result. The unit had no problems playing back everything he threw at it and was easy to connect to his rig, other than the odd HDMI issue he experienced. Some of the features require a PC like the Flickr and YouTube support, but most of the HD features work with any media on a network share. While this will be great for uber-geeks who understand such things, it doesn't appear as easy as simply clicking a check box in iTunes or installing Media Center Extender software for the Xbox360. The other features not reviewed were the follow me features which require multiple units to take advantage of. The reviewer overall liked the unit and was impressed by the snappy menus and easy setup.

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