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Within a Deep Forest creator Nifflas interviewed


Two very small, unassuming freeware platform games have made a big splash in the indie gaming community: Within a Deep Forest and Knytt. Created with Multimedia Fusion, a game creation suite similar to Game Maker, designer Nifflas wanted to make something different than the thousands of platformers swarming the internet.

Nifflas' games focus on exploration and intrigue, breaking a few gaming conventions along the way. Both WaDF and Knytt feature large game worlds with very few enemies and tons of secrets to uncover. Knytt has practically no background music and instead relies on ambient sounds played at key points during the game.

PlanetFreeplay has just posted an interview with Nifflas who is hard at work on a new game. He continues to forge ahead with his current philosophy to create more of exactly what we want. These games may look simple, but they're just as epic as many commercial titles on the market. Plus, they're free.

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