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Zalman demos 19- and 22-inch 3D displays at CeBIT


Zalman is a company traditionally known for its cooling devices which, like almost every other company out there, is looking to diversify into different markets: like the, uh, 3D gaming display market. The company showed off two 3D monitors over in Hannover for CeBIT; one being a 19-inch 5:4 1280 x 1024 iteration targeted at gamers, and the other a 22-inch widescreen 1680 x 1050 model with a more general appeal. Both of the displays require the user to wear glasses to combine the stereo images, although Zalman promises that the price of these monitors will undercut the competition as a consolation. If you get a little bored / pick up a migraine, you'll be happy to know that the monitors are capable of switching between 3D and 2D modes, although if you're crazy enough to buy a 3D display in the first place we can't see you wanting to turn off your only justification for paying extra over a regular LCD. Unfortunately there's no word on specific pricetags, nor release dates, so if you're itching to make a silly investment in a display that simulates 3D, you'll have to hold onto your wallet.

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