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ASUS: the rest of the bunch at CeBIT


We've gotta say, Asus made a pretty decent showing at CeBIT this year. We covered the new releases and rocked 'em for you yesterday -- now here's the best of the rest. The Z801 is a high-end tri-band device that has been given the super-style treatment by Asus. The screen is sapphire crystal, the handset is lovingly accented with leather, and a dash of chrome is thrown in for good measure. Features include Bluetooth (A2DP and AVRCP lovingly included), a 2 megapixel cam, and a gee-whiz Karaoke feature that allows you to wail along with your favorite songs while seeing your speech converted to text on the screen. We also bumped into the C1000 3.5G HSDPA data card -- this thing is sick (and that's saying something for a fricking data card) thanks to quad-band GSM, triple-band WCDMA, and phone call / SMS / MMS management. No word on pricing for the C1000, but it sounds like something we could use, like, right away. Check the shots on the following page.

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