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Blast From the Past: RetroRumors

May 11, 1988. The dawn of a new Apple ][gs+. Someone claiming early access to the development posted details to an online board, which was copied and forwarded and eventually posted to Usenet: "please don't spread this special information around, as apple would not be happy if this got out to the public. I will post more info as I discover it. this new machine has alot of potential!"

The "inside information" that was posted contained a description of the new Apple IIgs+. Let me slip for a moment into a more excited mode: <Fangirl Rumor Mode>OMG! OMG! Have you heard? I know this guy who knows this guy who actually has received an actual Apple II GS+ and he wrote about it on one of the boards that my friend's friend was on and here's a copy of his notes about the changes for all of your readers on Usenet! Like it's got 768K of RAM including 512K "fast" RAM and 128 "slow" RAM and the sound chip no longer buzzes and there's a super Hi-Res mode and a normal 320x200 mode with 256 colors per line! And there's a built-in SCSI port on the back and the peripherals are now slot independent! I'm not sure I can swing the $1054 for the IBM MS-DOS card--but I swear that they swear that this is a real product not vaporware!</Fangirl Rumor Mode>

According to Arnold Kim, at, the GS+ never was released and the Apple II line was discontinued.

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