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Dell XPS / Alienware desktops to ship with Hitachi's 1TB hard drive

Darren Murph

Whatever your reasons, we're sure just about everyone could envision a way to fill up a single terabyte of hard drive space, and while achieving such a milestone in one machine has long been available via a bevy of internal drives, Hitachi's 1TB Deskstar 7K1000 drive has made things a lot simpler. Not waiting around for prices to plummet, Dell is touting itself as the world's first pre-fab PC maker to offer up the ginormous HDD in its machines, initially selling it within the cases of the Alienware-branded rigs and ensuring the XPS beasts follow suit shortly. Currently, Alienware is offering up the 1TB drive for $500 above the price of the included 250GB SATA HDD, so if you've got the means, now you've got the option.

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