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Entire SNES game collection on eBay


Got $15,500.00 sitting around? If you do, you can be the proud owner of every SNES released in the US. The same eBayer who sold his NES game collection back in January is at it again, this time hoping that 16-bit nostalgia is just as powerful as its 8-bit counterpart. All of the games are in mint or near-mint condition and include the original box and instruction manual. At 794 games in all, you'll be paying just under $20 per game. A bargain!

The auction ends March 21st and as of the time of writing has yet to receive a single bid. The NES auction closed at over $15,000 with nearly 100 bids, so either 8-bit nostalgia is more powerful or NES fans have more money to throw around.

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