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FFXII gets the preview treatment


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Over at 1UP, they got their hands on a few Japanese magazines containing info on the highly-anticipated (by us, anyway) Final Fantasy XII spin-off title Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. In checking out their preview, we noticed that there is a lot of new information on the game. As such, we're doing the gentlemanly thing and presenting it to you, fine reader, in the most entertaining way possible: with our minds. Why yes, dear reader, in fact right now you are staring at a blank computer screen, it is us who have projected the image of this website into your mind and, might we say, it's awfully cold and vacant up here.

Jokes about your intelligence aside, some of the newly-acquired facts on the title include:

  • The game will feature over 50 different summons, with each varying in rank (three total ranks)
  • The third rank summon may only be used once in each map
  • A section of the airship will be used to house in-game achievements, taking the form of monuments
  • The Salamander summon has been changed from a lizard to a wild boar
[Thanks, Ibrahim!]

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