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GamePark goes under, GamePark Holdings still kickin'


Word's been a little slow reaching our shores, but it appears that GamePark couldn't stand up to the competition from its GamePark Holdings spin-off, with the former company recently declaring bankruptcy and its website now ignominiously replaced by a shoe store. For those in need of a quick primer, GamePark is the company that brought us the original GP32 (pictured above) and, more recently, announced a number of different XGP handhelds. GamePark Holdings, on the other hand, emerged as a separate company after an apparent spat among GamePark employees about the direction of the company. Those that chose to defect quickly got their act together and delivered the more-popular GP2X device, presumably to the dismay of GamePark proper. While they don't appear to have made any comment on this latest development, we can only assume they're feeling a little bit vindicated, and no doubt celebrated with a bit of homebrew champagne.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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