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Pavonine showcases 24-inch MIRACUBE stereoscopic LCD monitor

Darren Murph

While not quite as flashy as IO2's floating M3 Heliodisplay, Pavonine's forthcoming 24-incher still manages to put an interesting twist on your average computer LCD. Aside from touting a respectable 1,920 x 1,200 resolution, front-panel controls, and a DVI input, the MIRACUBE monitor boasts stereoscopic abilities most commonly associated with those gaudy head-mounted displays and cheap 3D gimmicks. The screen can only muster 1,920 x 600 resolution while displaying in the third-dimension, and requires (a presumably bundled) pair of glasses in order to experience the full effect. No word just yet on how much Pavonine plans on charging for the G240S once it departs the CeBIT floor, but we'd probably wait for a hands-on review before plunking down for such hit-and-miss technology.

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