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PS3 firmware 1.60 adds background downloading; due March 22nd

A Japanese PlayStation press release reveals details and a date for the next PS3 firmware update, 1.60. On March 22nd, Sony is finally releasing background downloading for the PlayStation Store in addition to the Folding@home client, Remote Play for 20GB PS3s removing the built-in wireless requirement, a full-size on-screen keyboard, and enhanced browser viewing functionality. These features fall in line with earlier comments by Sony's Phil Harrison.

While we applaud the new functionality, notably background downloading, we're assuming the emulation software necessary for playing back earlier PlayStation titles -- necessary for European PS3 units to maintain backwards compatibility -- will be included in this update as well. If not, we would assume the software will come pre-installed on European PS3s alone, before being trotted out to the rest of the world. Harrison has promised that a list of backwards compatible titles will be made available on March 23, and that that list would grow with every subsequent PS3 firmware update, so we're curious to see what Thursday's update includes and how it's received.

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