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Shuttle's CarPC -- because you can't spell car without PC


Shuttle has a new PC for the car coming dubbed the CarPC, for uh, obvious reasons. The PC measures in at 279 x 230 x 70-mm and features the ability to automatically shut itself down gracefully when you turn off your vehicle. Inside Shuttle's heat radiating "fin flake chassis" you'll find a 1.83GHz Intel T2400 Core Duo processor, unspecified memory and "hard disk" drive (although a shock resistant SSD would make more sense), along with Intel's GMA 950 graphics and 7.1 audio out. Judging by the pix, it'll also feature DVI video out, 4x USB, and a fixed Ethernet jack among other in/outs -- though how you'll access those after installation is a mystery. While we've seen previous in-vehicle prototypes from Shuttle sporting WWAN data, there's no mention of such niceties in this release.

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