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Apple Store Refurb Watch

Right now, Apple's online Mac refurb section looks like a Piggly Wiggly in Atlanta the day before a big ice storm. The shelves are practically empty, waiting for a big restock. No MacBook Pros, no MacBooks, a few Powerbooks and iMacs, no minis.

So where have all the refurbs gone? Well items come and go all the time. Unlike the regular store, the refurb section only shows the available stock. And right now you can get some fabulous deals on iPods even if the Mac deals are few and far between. You can pick up a new, current generation 1GB shuffle for $49 or a pregnancy-test-style 1st generation 1GB shuffle for only $39. Nanos start at $119 and refurbished RED nanos are selling for $169 (4GB) and $209 (8GB). A refurb 5G 30GB video iPod will set you back just $209 and a newer 80GB model sells for $299.

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