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Bethesda VP chats up Wii, says Oblivion not possible


For those of you who thought that Oblivion could grace the Wii (the game is coming to the PSP, so why shouldn't it be doable on the Wii, right?), you might want to take a seat. Oh, wait, you're already sitting, aren't you? Right, right ... well, uh ... it's not coming to Wii. Nope, no chance it'll grace the system as Bethesda's vice president of Marketing Peter Hines denies the rumor during a interview.

Hines goes on to destroy our hopes by stating "It's something we'd like to do, but unfortunately it's not a very good fit with Oblivion. Oblivion is a very demanding game hardware-wise and in terms of graphics processing and raw horsepower. It's not something the Wii was designed to do. They decided not to make the focus on raw horsepower but on interface and so forth. It's a great console and many of us at Bethesda have one but I know that bringing Oblivion over is not possible - we'd have to do a whole new game." Right, but couldn't a port, with some cleaned up graphics, of the PSP Oblivion be possible on the Wii? The PSP is just a smaller PS2 or something, right?

What do you guys think? Would you want Oblivion on the Wii?

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