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Cellphone detector discreetly catches school cheaters

Brian White

If you're in England's public school system, that pervasive and addictive SMSing between you and your buddies, girlfriends or even enemies may get you in trouble even if you are prone to being able and text ever so discreetly. Adroit Global Technology has developed (and is selling) a new device that detects cellphones hidden on kids' clothes, packs or anywhere else on the body so that instructors can rid the classroom environment of those bothersome texting devices. Each of these "cellphone detector" devices costs £150 (about $290) and the company has so far sold them to more than 20 schools in Britain. British school authorities by law can't block cellphone transmissions, but this is totally legal -- and since text cheating and other nefarious uses of SMS can change exam grades, we suspect this is going to be a pretty popular device in the headmaster crowd.


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