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Hitachi's XR01 and HR01 series HDTVs -- world's first with iVDR portable storage


We're already seen Hitachi's 2007 domestic HDTV line-up at CES. However, Hitachi saved a bit of Wooo-niqueness for their Japanese launch. The new XR01 and HR01 series of sets consists of five new TVs boasting a world's first: an integrated iVDR removable storage module -- a portable storage format used almost exclusively in Japan. In fact, Hitachi stuffs a 250GB IVDR-S ("S" as in SAFIA DRM) disk into the bay to get your started. These disks can then be plugged into compatible bays on your video recorder, PC, camcorder, etc, for easy portability of your media. The XR01 series is the only set to offer 1080p panels: the 50-inch P50-XR01 Full HD ALIS plasma and 37-inch L37-XR01 Full HD IPSα (120Hz) LCD. The P50 features 1100cd/m2 brightness and 10,000:1 contrast ratio while the L37 brings along a 500cd/m2 brightness and 7,000:1 contrast. The pair of HR01 PDPs pack a 1024 x 1080 resolution with the 42-inch P42-HR01 offering a 10,000:1 contrast and 1,500cd/m2 brightness while the 37-inch P37-HR01 goes 3,000:1 and 1,300cd/m2. Bringing up the tail is the 32-inch L32-HR01 with 1366 x 768 resolution, 500cd/m2 brightness and 7,000:1 contrast. All the sets ship with a dual terrestrial digital tuners coupled with dual terrestrial analog tuners and come loaded with inputs: 3x HDMI, 2x Japanese D4, 2x S-Video, 3x composite, Firewire, and Ethernet just to name a few. The top end P50 plasma is expected by mid-May for ¥570,000 ($4,840) while the L32 LCD is expected to pop on April 20th for about ¥250,000 ($2,123). Japan only, naturally.

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