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Miis, Virtual Console games transfered to replacement Wii

Zack Stern

When we sent a malfunctioning Wii back to Nintendo, the company returned a crisp, new Wii with all of our Mii data copied over. Additionally, Nintendo transfered our Virtual Console points to the new system, and we could re-download previous VC purchases for free. (We also had to re-download the other, always-free channels.)

While the VC transfer isn't news -- CVG noted it late last year -- more than a few Joystiq staffers were surprised. Nintendo deserves some credit for the smooth process, but we expected this to happen; we'd be angry if the company ate the Wii Points with the hardware exchange. The Mii transfer was a bigger bonus, preserving our 2040-rated tennis pro and our beloved Big Poppa.

This exchange is just one customer service replacement without incident. (The glitchy Wii was a personal system, so we went though the regular customer support channels instead of calling PR contacts.) What are your stories?

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