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Eliah Hecht
Blizzard people always give fairly good interviews, and this one is no exception (even if it is a week old or so). caught up with WoW lead producer Shane Dabiri about the success of WoW and BC, and what the future holds. I'd agree with one of the commentors on the blog that most of the questions were softies, but there's still some good stuff. There's a lot of congratulations all around; WoW, as we know, has posted up pretty big numbers in terms of sales and subscriptions. Unfortunately, this does not mean prices will be lowering any time soon:

Is there any chance of a drop in the subscription costs in the future?

With the massive amount of content in the game, as well as our regular content updates, 24/7 support offerings, and network infrastructure, we believe we're providing great entertainment value for players at the current price. The continued growth of the game is a positive indicator of this value as well.

That's too bad, although of course I can understand the financial sense behind it. Blizz continues to be confident that WoW can keep going for a long time: "we're confident that World of Warcraft has many years ahead of it. We all love working with the Warcraft mythology, and we have no shortage of ideas and plans for the future."

What surprised me in this interview was the amount of questions that were dodged, even soft as they are. The interviewer asked what Shane's personal favorite part of BC was, and he replied with some back-of-the-box copy about how flying mounts let us see the world in a new way, and there are a million dungeons, and we've got this Arena system; that bit felt very canned. Also, apparently they "haven't discussed specifics about future expansions" -- really? Players are constantly talking about it; I have trouble believing that the devs haven't tossed any specific ideas back and forth. Maybe they're too busy refusing to make any major changes to the classes. At any rate, click the Read link to check out the interview, and come back here to talk about it.

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