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Random name generators for the cool kids


WoW's random character name generator provides decent mythical-sounding names for most classes by combining random syllables together. However, for those of us on older servers, the random name generator is worthless, as most of its suggestions have already been taken up by other creativity-challenged players. So what's a player with many alts to do? Here are five places you can go to look for random names -- if you're up to it ...

  1. Medical dictonaries. Stripped of their meaning, some diseases are quite pretty. Keratitis, Asystole and Alexia all sound like they could be female blood elves -- plus you have the option of appearing smart.
  2. Lists of world political parties. Keskarakond would be a great name if only it weren't so long. How about Tamanoir, the Green Party of French Guyana? Or the Russian Yabloko? On a similar note ...
  3. Words in other languages, especially curse words. Look up any online dictionary, or just type your guild chat into Babelfish. If you're going for swearing, make sure to pick a really obscure language -- Blizzard has long ago figured out what merde means.
  4. Ancient history and mythology. No, you're probably not going to be the first guy to name his warrior Leonidas, particularly since we all saw 300. Hadrian or Freya would serve you better. Picking a god or goddess that would have special meaning to your race/class is also a nice touch.
  5. Lists of trendy baby names. Nightblade, Deathtouch, and Darkhorn are so last year when it comes to evil names. The true manifestations of horror are Madisyn, Dakottah, and Neveah.

Can you think of any other good themes for character names? How did you come up with your name, and do you still like it?

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