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"Zephyr" Xbox 360 rumors correct; coming late April

David Dreger

Game Informer's April issue confirms the mountain of rumors about the "Zephyr" Xbox 360. The Black, 120 GB HDD, HDMI enabled Xbox 360. Yeah, that one. Also worth noting is that the magazine has a policy of not writing fake stories in their April issue, as well as confirming that the story is indeed true. So, we're looking at a third Xbox 360 SKU in late April priced around $479 USD, which still has the standard DVD drive. After all, they already have a Black HD DVD player model produced. How do you current 360 owners feel about this? Are you going to buy a new console to take advantage of its 1080p via HDMI goodness? At least it comes with an HDMI cable.

Apparently, the 120 GB HDD will also be available for sale separately for "under $200", but the same can be said for the HD DVD player. Hopefully it will follow suit of the memory units and take the 20 GB HDD's price, bumping the previous drive's cost for consumers down. We've got scans of the magazine for your viewing pleasure after the break.

Feel free to voice your glee or outrage in the comments below. In fact, we encourage it.

[Via Joystiq. Thanks, Jonah Falcon]

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