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Child's Play receives a huge donation from Nintendo [update 1]

Eric Caoili

Nintendo sent out an avalanche of Nintendo DS handhelds and games to the Penny Arcade headquarters last week, donating the towering collection to Child's Play. The gamer-run charity has been donating toys, games, and other gifts to children's hospitals since 2003. Since then, the altruistic group has raised millions of dollars for its partner hospitals.

Nintendo made sure to provide something for everyone with its donation, delivering DS systems in every color and handing out hundreds of copies of Nintendogs, Big Brain Academy, Mario Kart DS, and many other titles. Gabe posted photos of the mountainous shipment and assured readers that the DS Lites will find their way to the gracious hands of kids in children's hospitals soon.

[Update 1: According to Penny Arcade's other half, Tycho, the systems and games were actually bought from Nintendo at a deep discount, using the money raised by the Child's Play charity. We apologize for this misinterpretation.]

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