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    PC Perspective attempts to review the OnAir GT USB HDTV tuner

    Matt Burns

    USB-powered HDTV tuners are commonplace these days so how do you choose one? Well, most people turn to reviews in order to select the right one for them. But how do you select a review? The first quality in our book is that the reviewer knows what he is talking about. Take this HDTV tuner review for example. PC Perspective is attempting to review OnAir GT USB tuner and we got through most of the review without a hitch but then we happened upon the screenshot page showing examples of different broadcasts. (this is where all their credibility flew out the second story window) The last two examples are signals off digital stations showing daytime programing - none that are high-def. We are sure the reviewer noticed that the stream was 720p/1080i via an onscreen display, but we are here to tell you that the programs are not in high definition - note the side black bars and SD picture quality. So for future reference, if you are reading a HDTV review from an 'expert' make sure they know what high-def looks like.

    Read - Whole review
    Read - Direct link to the screen shot page

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