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Release dates emerge for Mad Catz Wiimote and "Funchuk"


Sadly, no new pictures of the two Mad Catz controllers, that as far as we know will be the first such 3rd party controllers for the Wii, but at least we finally have an idea when these things might start hitting store shelves. As promised by Amazon UK, the "Wand Remote Controller" will retail for £24.99 ($49 US) and be released on September 28th, with Amazon selling it for a "bargain" price of £19.99 ($39 US). Mac Catz will be hitting with the "Funchuk Controller" on June 29th for a more palatable £9.99 ($20 US), and Amazon UK is promising a discounted price of £8.99 ($18 US). A pretty long wait, to be sure, and given the generally shoddy construction of nearly all 3rd party controllers in the history of man, we're not really on edge here, but we're sure Mad Catz will still find its way into plenty a home with this pair.

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