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SanDisk intros "Premier" high-speed microSD cards

Brian White

It's about time high speed sub-SD storage cards came to the market, and SanDisk appears to be leading the way (for now). The ubiquitous memory card manufacturer has introduced the "Mobile Premier" line of mobile-oriented memory storage cards. The new line was announced at CeBIT as SanDisk showed off new 1 and 2 gigabyte microSD cards that can read / write at crazy fast speeds of up to 10 and 9 megabytes, respectively. Although there is no firm date set on when these fast and small beauties will start shipping, the MSRPs will clock in at $44.99 and $69.99. While these capacities are certainly not new in the microSD space, the speeds have us salivating on how fast we can load these MP3 phones with a day or two worth of MP3 playlists.

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