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i-mate's N80... er, JAMA?

Chris Ziegler

Italian site Age Mobile has apparently managed to scoop i-mate's latest Windows Mobile device (my, i-mate's been busy lately, haven't they?), the "JAMA." Rumor has it the Pocket PC phone will help fill in a low-end line underneath the recently-christened Ultimate series devices, and the JAMA's spec sheet shows it in a bad way: data tops out with GPRS (ugh), Windows Mobile 6 is nowhere to be found, and you get some crazy me-too Nokia styling. On the plus side, the 128MB of internal storage is at least par for the course, and you get Bluetooth 2.0, a 2 megapixel cam, and stereo audio in a 16 millimeter thick package. We can't tell if there's a slider lurking underneath that silvery surface, but either way, we're seriously getting some N80 vibes from the front, no?

[Thanks, Massimo]

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